With the volunteer program, both individuals and companies can support us in the care of children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities, who also suffer from being excluded from society and / or their families.

Volunteer activities are diverse and its purpose is to help them daily to have a healthy lifestyle in their physical, emotional, emotional, spiritual and recreational aspects. Providing them with this help makes them feel full of happiness and included in our society, without discrimination.

The ways of volunteering at the Institute are varied:

  • Leisure and Recreation: Ideal for people interested in accompanying events and activities with recreational emphasis. In addition, volunteers can propose activities to celebrate special dates, extramural outings or others, to create and strengthen emotional ties. Taking advantage of free, festive and celebratory time of life with people with disabilities.
  • Support in Activities of Daily Living: It is for those who have time and willingness to support the youth of the institution in basic daily activities (food, clothing, transfers). The person is guided and oriented so that they know the activities of the home and identify on which the volunteer could give support.
  • Network for Affection “A Volunteer of Love”: It is a wonderful opportunity to weave bonds of tenderness and express feelings of love, solidarity, acceptance and respect for the children, adolescents and adults of the Protection modality (who live in the ITE ), who due to their personal life history, have lacked and long for the presence and affection of other people. In this sense, volunteers are recognized as godparents or godmothers, becoming a family reference for young people with disabilities.
  • Professional and Technical Volunteering: This is support in different areas such as health care, therapy (support for the multisensory stimulation program, equine therapy, aquatic therapy, implementation of the directed game workshop, support in the behavior modification program), education, recreational, etc. (psychology, medicine, nutrition, sports and recreation, physical therapists, occupational therapists, special teachers, etc.). It also includes professionals in other areas who wish to help the institution in activities that support its mission.
  • Manager Volunteer: Refers to volunteerism that supports fundraising for projects that require the use of economic and logistical resources. This is the management before private companies and people who with their contributions help us meet the needs of the programs that are developed within the Protection unit specifically. The entities or people that are linked to this type of volunteering can do so through financial or in-kind support.
  • Accompaniment and Spiritual Support: For those who wish to offer spiritual formation and orientation to our beneficiaries, in order to educate them in moral values ​​and practices that favor the good social and cultural customs of our community, and the development of their spirituality. This volunteer group also supports funeral and funeral acts when any beneficiary of the protection unit dies, to provide spiritual accompaniment at this time.You can request to link writing or contacting us at:

Volunteer Coordination
514 0202 ext: 513