Education for Work

Education for Work and Human Development programs have been created especially for young people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities. Each technical training program lasts for three (3) years.

The Certificate that is granted is a Labor Technician by Competences in (one of the 4 registered programs):

  • Pastry Baker – Registration 4143.2.21.11131
  • Administrative Assistant – Register 4143.0.21.964
  • Warehouse and Warehouse Assistant – Registration 4143.0.21.933
  • Gardening and Nursery – Registration 4143.2.21.11133

The first year, the youth rotate two months for each of the four (4) programs in order to identify interests, abilities and skills. In turn, the instructors assess the performance competencies in each program and at the end of the rotation, together It is determined in which program your training will continue.

In the second and third year of the chosen program, the young person completes her training and at the end of the third year (last semester), work practice is carried out, which determines whether she meets all the skills to acquire her technical certificate. This work practice can be within the institute because you have the whole structure to carry it out.

The student receives support during the labor process and hiring options from companies that have taken part in labor inclusion processes. In work practices, the young person has follow-up at their job in order to strengthen their knowledge, skills and abilities. Strengthen your self-esteem, independence and autonomy.

The Tobías Emanuel Institute is an institution recognized and authorized by the municipal education secretary according to resolution No. 4143.2.21.11130 of December 28, 2009. Certified by ISO 9001: 2008, evaluated and approved with respect to the requirements of the Standard 5555 and 5581 of 2011 of the Education for Work and human development programs.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COEXISTENCE MANUAL. Know the fundamentals and objectives of the job training program. Download and read it carefully. 

What is the Education for Work and Human Development Program About?

It is a way to train people with Cognitive Disability in various areas, preparing them for companies.

It is an alternative for those who have not advanced in the traditional education process. It provides them with tools and knowledge to perform functions in different arts and crafts that allow them to develop skills at all levels. It aims to rebuild people, who, for the most part, have suffered abuse or exclusion, taking the Being as an indispensable aspect in their Life Plan, and also strengthening the skills of expression and communication towards other members of the community.

It is important to emphasize that the Tobías Emanuel education for work program is especially concerned with the construction of these students’ being as an indispensable aspect for their development of the life plan; therefore, it strengthens their communication, expression and relationship skills with other members of the community.

What Modalities does the Education for Work Program offer?

Based on the concepts of Education, Training, Quality of Life, Social Inclusion and Labor Inclusion, and with the aim of fully empowering apprentices to be at the forefront of the demands and requirements of the current world of work, the areas to be taught in The Education for Work program are:

  • Pastry Baker
  • Gardening and Nursery
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Warehouse and Warehouse Assistant.


It is ideal for developing activities in bakery, patisserie and pastry, understanding what is teamwork, respect, honesty, Good Manufacturing Principles and responsibility, among others, complying with the respective procedures and standards in activities such as:

– Preparation of doughs for cakes, breads, pizzas and rolls, among others.

– Preparation of bakery and pastry food according to the production program and current regulations.


Educate apprentices towards respect for the environment through dynamics with the plant world and the natural resources that surround us through activities such as:

– Sowing and pruning of meadows and planting of flowers.

– Fumigation and weeding.

– Maintenance of gardens, plants and meadows.

– Operation of lawn mowing machinery.


It is a logistics program created for entrepreneurs to incorporate competent people with Intellectual Disabilities that contribute to the economic, social and technological development of the region and the country. It enhances the knowledge, abilities and skills of the apprentices in tasks such as:

– Packaging and transfer of products.

– Enlistment and provision of packaging material.

– Load, unload and store products according to standards, techniques and documents established by the organization.

– Verification of product codes and prices.

– Generation of receipts and dispatch of products according to standards and requirements that support the activity.

– Maintaining order in the workplace.

– Attention and orientation to clients according to corporate policies.


It trains people capable of providing greater support to the business sector and participating in administrative processes through tasks such as:

– Review, file, classify and archive documents, and use of basic technological tools according to the organizations’ requirements.

– Provision of basic information as required by organizations.

– Photocopying and timely delivery of documents.

– Provision of service complying with customer requirements and according to the corresponding regulations.

– Carry a personal presentation according to the service protocols and corporate identity of the organizations.