Labor Inclusion – CSR

Companies with Social Commitment

A global trend that points to more productive and conscious companies is what the application of corporate practices of Corporate Social Responsibility brings. In addition to the benefits and direct deductions of sums in annual taxes, this practice brings other advantages for the organizations that apply it:

At Tobías Emanuel we have various ways of receiving support from people and organizations that want to be part of our mission and strengthen the results of our mission in Valle del Cauca and Colombia.

Your organization can choose one or all of the following modalities to support us:

Programs you can Support: Hiring SENA Practitioners, Donations, Gift Vouchers, Volunteering.



We are an NGO with 50 years of experience in comprehensive care for people with intellectual disabilities. Currently we serve more than 200 young people of various ages who have mild, moderate and severe cognitive disabilities.

We have created an INCLUSIVE SOCIAL MODEL, which seeks quality of life, setting new paradigms in intellectual disability, a perspective added to rights and inclusion.

We have suitable facilities and expert personnel who work every day for our target population. We have Five (5) job education programs that promote the adaptation of young people in functional tasks of the current productive environment.

In addition, we have basic education and a home for children with disabilities who have been declared abandoned by the State. At the Tobías Emanuel Institute, children receive: food, medical care, therapy, education and accommodation.

We also have a research unit that advances management to align with the standards of regulatory entities and to potentiate the production of practical knowledge regarding the care, training and management of environments and inclusive tools for people with cognitive disabilities.




A global trend that points to more productive and conscious companies is what the application of corporate practices of Corporate Social Responsibility brings. In addition to the benefits and direct deductions of sums in annual taxes, this practice brings other advantages for the organizations that apply it:

Best Corporate Image
It improves the corporate image, thus its products, services and brand are strengthened in the market and before the consumer community.

More Utilities
CSR is synonymous with more profits. It has been shown that consumers today opt for socially responsible companies, which makes it more profitable so the recipe for success will go hand in hand with good social management.

Solve Social Problems
Each CSR action contributes to the reduction of serious social problems, which translates into significant changes in the social environment.

Beneficial Relations
CSR management benefits the relationship of the company with its environment, since society better receives the communication strategies of socially responsible companies.

Comply with Legal
It leads organizations to comply with legal requirements, which results in reduction of fiscal measures to which a company may be subject.

Good Work Climate and Productivity
Companies with an active social commitment facilitate the recruitment of personnel and the retention of talents, since their collaborators identify with the responsible mission and vision of the employer.

It improves the work environment, which leads to higher performance and commitment by employees. For the companies and for their values, what improves affects productivity, competitiveness and the possibility of entering new markets.

Trust of the Financial Environment
CSR actions increase the confidence of shareholders and third parties, which facilitates financing sources and helps to obtain strategic partners given the “good governance of the company”.

Good International Rating
Sustainability policies have a higher valuation in the market. This has become an important criterion before international organizations and banks when evaluating the value of a company, by considering its behavior towards the community.


With the job education program, the Institute has held more than 30 positions in different companies in recent years. HomeCenter, Éxito, Juan Valdez, Café Mulato are some of the companies that have favored the hiring of staff with cognitive disabilities trained for work.

Specialized training personnel accompany the company and the apprentice in the adaptation process to guarantee successful hiring.

Young people are trained in a comprehensive way that endorses them as SENA apprentices, in the following trades:

Pastry Baker

Gardening and nursery

Assembling jewelry pieces

Administrative Assistant

Warehouse and Warehouse Assistant

Find out here what these programs are about and how they can be applied in your company. 

When hiring people with Disabilities, the Company obtains, according to Law 361 of 1997, the following benefits by having trained personnel and managing an inclusive model:

Deduction in the Income Tax of 200% of the value of wages and benefits of workers with limitations

50% decrease in the quota of apprentices that you are obliged to hire.

The contribution of 9% of parafiscales may be discounted as a tax exemption for each new person hired with a disability

Preference in bidding, awarding and holding public and private contracts, when it is on equal terms with other companies.

Priority for credits or state subsidies.

Learn more about these benefits here 


From a peso to goods and resources for new works. Everything we receive is well received and invested in our institution and the population we serve. We receive donations in money or species, always with the recognition of our community and donation certificates when required.

  • You can make your contribution online in a few steps, follow this link
  • You can contact us Telephone +57 2 514 0202 Cellular +57 313 759 03 68 for larger amounts or donations in kind or visit us to get to know us a little more Calle 5B2 # 37 A-75 Barrio San Fernando, Cali Valle del Cauca.


It is a type of donation that you can use to give a very special gift to a person that you want to surprise. The voucher is a nice card with some of the creative works of the Tobías Emanuel beneficiaries and it will be personalized with the name and message of the person who is going to receive it.


With the volunteer program, people or companies support the care of the needs of the Institute’s beneficiaries to help them in their daily activities, making them feel full of happiness and included in our society, without any type of discrimination.

There are 6 ways to become a Tobías Emanuel volunteer, you can check all the modalities here.