Gift vouchers

Give Much More Than A Smile

Tobías Emanuel Bonuses: 2 gifts in 1!

You help us and we help you surprise that special person, in 3 steps:

  1. You choose the amount you want to donate to the beneficiaries of Tobías Emanuel.
  2. You select the bonus of your preference among those that decorate our beneficiaries (birthdays, weddings, Christmas).
  3. You tell us who you’re going to send it to. Our children will personalize it and we will send it to that person.

We have birthday, wedding and Christmas bonuses for special situations for which you want to congratulate your loved one. Also, if it is the case, a condolence for death.


A Gift from the Heart

A special occasion makes us feel loved, appreciated and needed. The ways in which we demonstrate that love can be multiple and equally satisfying. Giving to others without expecting in return nothing more than the benefit of kindness and charity reflected in the eyes of the other, gives us fulfillment, well-being and a power of love that nothing else can provide.

The Tobías Emanuel Institute invites you to give away, personally or in favor of the company you represent, donation vouchers that help the beneficiaries in our institution to obtain a life of inclusion that favors them in disability.

MPORTANT: These bonds do not have a stipulated value. You can set the amount according to the donation you attribute to your gift.

What do you have to do to acquire a bonus?

Write us with your data to the email that we can manage the bonus appropriately. To pay it you can choose some of the donation buttons in this link and specify in your email that the contribution you made for GIFT BONUS.